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Sassy® Beginning Bites Teethers


  • Suitable for 0 months up
  • Two pack, lightweight teether is perfect for newborns
  • Multiple textures and fabrics for baby to manipulate
  • Developed for hand and mouth exploration
  • Characters have symmetrical, smiling faces to engage baby
  • Soft rattle and squeaker encourage hearing skills
SKU: SS80028.

Sassy developmental baby products contain important features for baby’s developing senses. These include high-contrast patterns, bright colors, symmetry, multiple textures, specific color language, product proprotions, various sounds, age-appropriate materials and innovative functional features. All have been thoughtfully designed into Sassy products to help parents in caring for and fostering baby’s development.

  • Developmental Insights
    • Babies thrive on physical contact; they need lots of hugs, pats and kisses. This essential contact helps them feel loved and secure. Touch is the sense that ensures bonding between a parent and baby.
  • Interaction Idea
    • Cuddle with baby and show him the Beginning Bites. Place the different materials in his hands. He will also explore them with his mouth to understand the textural differences.

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