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Sassy® Chime n’ Go Bugs


  • Suitable for 0 months up
  • Bright, bold colors provide visual stimulation
  • A variety of textures and crinkle encourage baby to touch and explore
  • Symmetrical, smiling face, which is strongly preferred by babies
SKU: SS80367.

Sassy developmental baby products contain important features for baby’s developing senses. These include high-contrast patterns, bright colors, symmetry, multiple textures, specific color language, product proprotions, various sounds, age-appropriate materials and innovative functional features. All have been thoughtfully designed into Sassy products to help parents in caring for and fostering baby’s development.

  • Developmental Insights
    • At birth, babies already have been hearing for about twelve weeks and will recognize familiar sounds heard repeatedly while in the womb.
  • Interaction Ideas
    • Hang bugs from baby’s car seat and watch her turn her head toward the different sounds.
    • Talk to baby about the sounds she is hearing and about the colors and characters.

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