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Sassy® Crib and Floor Mirror


  • Suitable for 0 months up
  • Textural caterpillar and ladybug offer touch exploration
  • High-contrast ball that newborns can bat at, aiding in the development of visual perception as well as cause & effect.
  • Symmetrical bee inspires vision and encourages touch
  • Large safety mirror with a true reflection allows baby to focus. Babies have a strong preference for human faces, even at birth.
SKU: SS80030.

Sassy developmental baby products contain important features for baby’s developing senses. These include high-contrast patterns, bright colors, symmetry, multiple textures, specific color language, product proprotions, various sounds, age-appropriate materials and innovative functional features. All have been thoughtfully designed into Sassy products to help parents in caring for and fostering baby’s development.

  • Developmental Insights
    • Although babies have limited vision at birth, they show a clear preference for bold patterns, bright colors and faces. This is well-suited to provide just the right amount of stimulation without overwhelming. Mothers seem to instinctively realize their little one’s limited range as they tend to hold their babies about 8 inches from their face.
  • Interaction Ideas
    • Point to her reflection and describe what she is seeing. Babies love to look at human faces!
    • When baby gets more upper body strength, place it on the floor for tummy time to help baby work on hand coordination. Talk to her about the toys and show her how they work. Then let her try! This will encourage the gross motor skill of lifting head and chest as well as the fine motor skills of reaching and grasping.

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