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Sassy® Snap & Squirt Sea Creatures


  • Suitable for 6 months up
  • Set of 9 characters float, squirt and snap together
  • Quick-dry fishbowl tote makes cleanup fun
  • 2 large suction cups for easy attachment to bath surface
  • Sized for little hands to grasp and squirt
SKU: SS10027.

Bath time can be a special time of bonding for a baby and her parents, but it an also be overwhelming.  Babies’ senses are attuned to everything around them from a change in temperature to the introduction of a new element, water!  Try making bath time a part of baby’s nightly routine, and use Sassy bath toys to show baby how gentle, warm and soothing water can be!

  • Watch Me
    • Water play helps develop fine motor skills. Show baby how to squeeze, fill and squirt toys. Fascinated with the squirting action – watch as baby imitates you and learns these play actions on her own
  • Tub Time Discovery
    • At the end of bath time, make clean up an enjoyable game and learning experience. Show your little one how to pick up and put a Snap & Squirt Sea Creature into the fishbowl tote. To encourage repetition, smile and laugh each time a toy is put away.

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