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Sassy® Soft Touch Rinse Cup


  • Suitable for 0 months up
  • Soft rounded edge contours to baby’s head, helping to keep shampoo and water out of eyes and face.
  • Curved handle makes it easy to hold, fill and pour.
  • Soft construction and no hard edges make it safe for water play, too!
SKU: SS10020.

Bath time can be a special time of bonding for a baby and her parents, but it an also be overwhelming.  Babies’ senses are attuned to everything around them from a change in temperature to the introduction of a new element, water!  Try making bath time a part of baby’s nightly routine, and use Sassy bath toys to show baby how gentle, warm and soothing water can be!

  • Safe Fun
    • Soft toys or toys molded in unbreakable baby-safe plastics are best for bathtime safety. Never leave a child unattended in a bathroom or bathtub without adult supervision.

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