Eezee™ Grip Nail Clipper



Eezee™ Grip Nail Clipper

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"Ergonomic design specially suited for baby's tender nails"

  • Smooth edge - Perfect for tender finger
  • Sized scaled - Ergonomic sure grip
  • Slip free - Finger loop

Little baby nails can be hard to reach, but the Safety Eezee™ Grip Nail Clipper is perfectly sized to get the job done! These clippers are designed in a slightly smaller size than normal clippers to accommodate your little one's nails. For easy, pain and slip-free clipping, use the removable cover while you clip your baby's nails. The convenient finger loop keeps the clippers steady while your work, so you always get an even cut without harming your baby. It features a rounded curved clipping edge, which is less accident prone to infant.