Skoop™ Suction Fork & Spoon



Skoop™ Suction Fork & Spoon

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“Weaning and feeding can be an extremely safe without guessing or worries”

  • Super power suction - Trouble free of dropping
  • Smooth edge - Perfect for tender gum
  • Child friendly - Easy grip self feeding

The easy grip suction spoond and fork are perfect for baby to use when training and building confidence with self feeding. The ergonomic handle has been specially designed for parents to comfortably hold and baby to grip from the chunkier base of the handle. It allow your baby to have the ultimate control when navigating food from their bowl or plate. The ultimate, super suction power is designed to stick to your baby's high chair or table top, etc. It securely locked in position - no more dropping, making mealt time less stressful and less messy. The spoon and fork tips are rounded and safe for your little one to use when self feeding. The fork and spoon tips are perfectly sized for your little one offering a little amount of food at a time.

*Complies with EUROPEAN STANDARD EN14372*