Safe Gripz™ Sterilization Tongs



Safe Gripz™ Sterilization Tongs

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“Weaning and feeding can be an extremely fun without making a mess”

  • Ideal for: Steam / Hot Water / Microwave / Chemical sterilization
  • Perfect non slip grip - Rubber Pads
  • Ridging Marks - Handling screw cap

The Safe-Gripz™ Sterilisation Tongs allows you to clamp bottles, nipples and other nursery items after “Steam, Hot Water, Microwave or even Chemical Sterilisation”. The long shape and design protects users from scalding and coming into contact with harmful chemicals. The rubber pads grasp bottles tight and securely without scratching them. The jaws open up to a maximum of 10cm wide. The ridging marks could easily help to open the screw cap of any baby food. Only easy washing required - There are no hidden springs or parts that can be harmful to children.