Safety™ Cabinet Latch - 2pcs



Safety™ Cabinet Latch - 2pcs

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“Keep them from gaining access to everything from breakable objects to your secret candy”

  • 2pcs pkt
  • 3M Sticker for extra secure
  • Perfect option - Easy to use on any surface
  • High quality - Ultra durable (Smooth edge)
  • Safe effective - Easy guard (Protect in second)
  • Easy to install and remove with provided adhesive - won't damage furniture

Safety Cabinet Latch helps prevent children from opening glass cabinet and display cabinets. Locate the best position to apply safety glass cabinet latch. Thoroughly clean the surface of the cabinet where the latch will be positioned, ensuring no residue remains. Allow to dry thoroughly. Remove the adhesive covers from part A and B. Fix it at a minimum distance of 10cm from the upper edge of the furniture. As with most adhesives to set for several hours. Install in the evening and allow adhesive to set overnight, if possible 24 hours.