Safety™ V-Edge Protector



Safety™ V-Edge Protector

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“Makes sharp corners safer as it protect your child from bumping or falling injuries”

  • 2m
  • Customizable length will work almost anywhere
  • Perfect option - Easy to use
  • High quality - Ultra foam (Natural Rubber)
  • Safe effective - Easy guard (Protect in sec)
  • Suitable for corner of desks, tables, banisters etc with sharp angles
  • Solution that secures both straight and curved tables
  • Special tape connectors included to ensure cushions are fastened securely
  • Easy to install and remove with provided adhesive - won't damage furniture
  • Customizable length will work almost anywhere, perfect for any room in the home

Has your curious crawler turned into a reckless toddler, seemingly overnight? No matter how carefully you watch your child or baby proof your house, a tumble is bound to happen sooner or later. But you can at least cushion the blow with Lucky Baby® V-Edge™ Protector. This baby proofing cushion helps avoid accidental bumps and bruises from sharp edges and corners on tables, desks, counters and more. With more than 2 meters of foam cushions, this all-in-one cushion solution secures onto both straight and curved tables for convenience. These handy childproof cushions keep your baby's head and body protected from sharp corners and is great for use all over the home. Special 3M tape connectors are included to ensure cushions are securely fastened. Installation is quick and simple, and the included adhesive removes easily without damaging furniture. Take the edge off with these child proofing cushions - because keeping baby safe is your number 1 job, and now you can do it in style.