Take a Dip™ Bath Tub



Take a Dip™ Bath Tub

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"It puts baby at a gentle recline, preventing slipping and sliding, and making bath time less stressful"

  • Made from harmless plastic
  • Anti-slip handle holder
  • Plug for easy draining and hook for space-saving storage

Bath time is a wonderful way for babies to bond with parents and their siblings and can be great fun too! A safe, reassuring bathing routine can make the world of difference to both babies and those around them. And we know little ones and parents simply love bath time. Soft foam cushion keeps newborns and infants comfortably and its reclined angle in just the right amount of water, with a “baby stopper” insert that prevents slipping and sliding. It is a friendly bath tool for gentle rinsing and fun bath time for your precious.