Snoozie™ Sack - Size S



Snoozie™ Sack - Size S

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"Cooling and comfortable wearable sleeping blanket"

  • Suitable for baby from 0-6 months (3-7kgs) 50-70cm
    • Item size 54 x 39cm
  • Wearable sleeping blanket replaces loose blanket!
  • Sleeveless design reduce the risk of over-heating
  • Satisfyingly cushy soft
  • Contoured bottomed allows plenty of room for little legs to wriggle & stretch, yet without getting kicked off!
  • Highly recommended to prevent SIDS
  • SAFETY ZIPPER COVER: Hides zipper to prevent cuts and injuries on baby’s skin
  • CONTOUR SHAPED BOTTOM: Allows ample space for little legs to wriggle and stretch while they snooze!
  • MACHINE WASHABLE: Maintain Hygienic

Loose blanket can be dangerous to your baby as they can cover baby’s faces when he/she tosses and turns, causing suffocation due to lack of oxygen. The Snoozie™ Sack is a good solution to blanket for babies who move a lot during their sleep and often end up at the bottom of the blanket and the bed. This wearable blanket prevents the baby from slipping into it and getting suffocated. Made of the finest knitted fabric, the snoozie sack is amazingly cooling and comfortable to wear and sleep in! The long zip line allows easy wearing & diaper-changing ability, hassle-free!

Contour-shaped base allows space for little legs to wriggle and stretch! The safety zipper cover also protects baby’s skin from getting caught in with the zip.