Cozy™ Memory Foam Stroller Pad - Cage



Cozy™ Memory Foam Stroller Pad - Cage

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"Conveniently adapt to most 5 point harness stroller"

  • Memory Foam - Moulds to baby's body in response to pressure in seconds
  • Seat belt/Harness slot - Easy attachment added security
  • Ultra soft and cushiony - For maximum support and comfort

Cozy™ Memory Foam Stroller Pad is sure to make you baby’s day trip in the stroller a much more enjoyable one. Your baby will be blanketed by the ultra soft and cushiony high density memory foam which moulds baby’s body in response to the pressure in seconds. Ideal to be used on baby stroller and high chair as the belt slots allow safety belts in high chair and stroller to attach easily for added security.