Swoosh™ Spongy Bottle Brush



Swoosh™ Spongy Bottle Brush

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“Ergonomically designed to maximize cleaning with minimal effort, suitable to used for all containers and bottles”

  • No scratch mark - Soft material, extra gentle
  • Designed to clean standard or wide neck bottle and vary sized cups

The Swoosh™ Spongy Bottle Brush is an all time classic 2 in1 brush with great amount of usefulness. Soft spongy sweeps up residue effortlessly and gently without scratching the inner bottle and nipple. The nipple brush is stored conveniently in the handle when not in use  which perfectly clean for your teats day and night - Stainless steel is selected to form the core bone structure to hold the bristles as it does not rust. The looped handle at the back of the brush allows easy hanging on for drying before storage. With the brush, you could reach the corners of all wide neck bottles, nipples and feeding products for thorough cleaning - leaving them fresh and clean for the next feeding.