Sensory Ball Set



Sensory Ball Set

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Entertain your little one for hours with this Sassy Sensory Ball Set. The bold colors offer a delightful visual experience and the fun sounds provide bursts of auditory stimulation. Each one of these learning balls also encourages tactile awareness through its different design shape. The bright textured orb features one solid color and dozens of small knobs to feel on every side. Your baby grasps the hard plastic globe with both hands or with fingers through the smooth slots to shake the rattle inside. The soft fabric ball has six slices of color and sprinkles of polka dots. It makes a crisp crinkling sound when squeezed by a tiny hand. These amusing Sassy balls offer hours of entertainment at home, in the car and on the go. Your tiny explorer learns to anticipate certain textures and sounds. It's so much fun to grab these orbs and roll them, pound them and squish them. Learning balls are safe for tasting too. The set makes a wonderful gift for expectant parents and parents of infants and toddlers. 

  • Includes 3 balls
  • Soft crinkle ball features bold colors and a crinkle sound
  • Hard plastic ball has a rattle and easy-grasp design
  • Textured plastic ball has a bold color
  • Sassy balls offer hours of sensory stimulation

Play is how your little one learns, so it is incredibly important that he has the opportunity to play free, and has the toys that will best help with each developmental milestone. Below is a list of milestones your little one will experience, along with information about each stage, and toy feature recommendations. Always remember, each baby develops at his own rate, so if you have any concerns about your child’s development, please speak with your pediatrician.

Sensory Development

Birth-6 Months

Milestones: From birth to 6 months, the focus is on developing baby’s senses through exploration and discoveries. In these first 6 months, through movements and responses, baby is beginning to coordinate and build perceptual capacities. During this period, baby’s vision is poor, initially only able to see 8-12 inches from his face. Babies can see colors, but their ability to differentiate among them is still developing; red seems to capture baby’s attention the best, and so may be the first color sense. Gaining the capacity of the eyes to work together, and tracking objects with her eyes are milestones baby will reach during this period. Instinctively, babies look for faces among their available stimuli and develop a “social smile.” Babies also discover their hands and feet, begin to discriminate among different textures, and start reaching for objects and intentionally grasping them.

Recommended Toy Features

  • Attachments that engage baby
  • Black and white
  • Handles & loops
  • Hanging items in baby’s view and just within reach
  • Mirror / reflective surfaces
  • Variety of sounds
  • Variety of tactile materials
  • Variety of texture

Thinking & Learning

6-24 Months

Milestones: At this stage, baby’s senses have developed and now she is exploring the world around her using these senses. Baby is learning about the objects in her world by banging, hitting, shaking and moving the objects to learn all about what they do and what else they do. On top of this, baby’s imagination is developing as well as her desire to imitate you in EVERYTHING you do and say.

Recommended Toy Features

  • Lightweight objects for holding
  • Multi-sensory features on single item
  • “Puzzle” features
  • Object identification items
  • Objects that make a variety of sounds

Moving & Exploring

Birth-36 Months

Milestones: From birth to 36 months, baby is developing fine and gross motor skills: Lifting their head when on their belly, learning to grasp items in a pincer grasp, controlling their limbs, bringing hands to midline (putting hands together), reacting to loud noises, crawling, standing, walking, and before you know it…running! Every type of play that gets baby to bat or grasp an object, crawl after a toy, stand to explore a new view or walk with it helps baby develop these key motor skills.

Recommended Toy Features

  • Arches that support toys
  • Activations
  • Crawl through or crawl on
  • Items that foster sitting
  • Items that help support standing
  • Items that move
  • Music
  • Small object manipulation
  • Switches, toggles, press buttons, open & close

Communicating & Talking

3-24 Months

Milestones: As babies become aware of their tongues, they begin cooing, babbling, and making consonant sounds to explore phonological awareness. They learn that the world is made of sounds and that it’s important for them to hear the differences among them. Baby likes to “talk” with you by imitating the sounds you make, by watching your mouth make movements and your face make expressions. Pre-speaking babies are taking in the sounds, intonation and cadence of their native language long before they are able to create the words on their own. Responsive communication, or moving from “parentese” to authentic conversations, is an important milestone in your little one’s development. Joint attention to your little one is key to language learning, so pay attention to what your baby is interested in and talk about it. Give baby back just a bit more than she gave you and then wait for the response.

Recommended Toy Features

  • Human voices
  • Objects for teething & mouthing
  • Pictures
  • Songs and nursery rhymes
  • Words & letters

Fostering Curiosity

6-36 Months

Milestones: Baby is busy observing and exploring the world around him. He is learning that he has a reflection of his own and that all objects won’t disappear if he puts them down for a minute or a few days. Cause-and-effect is a key function that baby is learning: That there is a reaction to batting at a spinning wheel, and he is the one that caused it.

Recommended Toy Features

  • Flaps
  • Floating
  • Hidden objects
  • Light Up
  • Mirrors
  • Opening objects
  • “Pop-up” discoveries
  • Sound activations
  • Variety of materials
  • Variety of temperatures


9-36 Months

Milestones: Baby is now placing objects with intention and is stacking, connecting and fitting objects together. Baby’s motor skills are continuing to develop as baby creates with her toys. Baby is learning about the principles of engineering – why some buildings stand up but others fall down, of geometry – why some shapes fit inside of other shapes, and of counting and numbers – why we talk about ‘amounts’ of things.

Recommended Toy Features

  • Big & small
  • Connectables
  • Creating / creating art
  • Linkables
  • Magnets
  • Puzzle features
  • Shapes
  • Stackables