Spring Cot W/Round Base



Spring Cot W/Round Base

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inclusive - Cradle net, safety belt, hanger, rugby spring

  • 3 level height adjustable
    • Highest poitn will be 200cm
  • Length 95cm x Width 95cm

The traditional baby hammock using a piece of cloth tied to a baby spring cot frame is popular in the Asian community. Babies love being rocked to sleep. It is because they associate the rocking motion with the movements they felt whilst nestled in the safety and security of their mother’s womb. Hence, newborns really love to sleep in a baby cradle. 

My Dear Baby Spring Cot is a user-friendly baby stand with a simple and complete instruction on how to mount it. This baby stand frame is safe and solid design. Made from steel to ensure it can withstand your baby’s weight. You can assemble this product in minutes! Completed with anti-rust epoxy coated, making it durable and can last longer.