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Caring you and your baby


We aspire to be a world-class company in satisfying parent’s needs by providing products of the highest quality in compliance with Safety, Innovations and Functions.


We believe that our foremost responsibility is to the parents who use our products and for their precious little tots. In meeting to their unique needs, the products that we distribute must be of high quality in accordance to Safety, Innovative and Functional.


To remain competitive with other infant product companies we maintain a reasonable price structure, offering best value to all our ingenious customers.


We constantly strive to explore a wider distribution channel, expanding our range of products and to interact with our clients in order to be one of the largest supplier in our category.


One of our goals is to bring happiness to the babies and their parents during their early years. By recognizing issues such as feeding, teething, bedding, learning, playing, exploring by offering the positive solutions for all the products we distribute.


We strongly advocate the continuous search to market quality and prestige brands not only for distributing in Singapore but to the global markets as well.