Kutter™ Versatile Food Scissors



Kutter™ Versatile Food Scissors

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"Ingenious design for cutting"

  • Highly recommended for all caregive
  • Hygienic cover
  • Unique lock, reduce risk to open by child
  • Superior rust resistant
  • Suitable for meat, fish, noodles, vegetables, fruits...

No more knives. With Kutter™, safely and easily cut food items such as fruits, vegetables, seafood and meat into tiny, bite-sized pieces for your toddler - Made from premium quality stainless steel, hard and excellent anti-erosion properties. With a cover for portability, just toss it in the diaper bag and use when you're on the go - Keep clean and hygienic. Ergonomically grips-arc curved 
specially designed for easy usage. Unique lock, safety to use, and reduce the risk of baby misusing.