55℃ Smart Coaster



55℃ Smart Coaster

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  • Fast Heat up - Water, milk, tea, coffee and other beverage
  • PTC Thermostatic Material: Heating, constant temperature, heat preservation
  • Intelligent and humanized operation: Shut off when lift up (Gravity Sensor)
  • 55℃ (16W/50Hz) USB
  • Suitable for any material: Glass, Stainless Steel, Can, Milk Bottle, Cermaic Mug, Packaging Drink...
  • Small/Equisite - Ideal for travel, workplace, home and many more
  • Portable/Lightweight - Use anywhere
  • High quality USB plug can be connected to computers, chargers and rechargers

Warning: Consume with care, we all have different endurance toward temperature.

Warning: Parent should test on the temperature for baby milk bottle as 55℃ is not suitable to consume, may rest for some time before drinking.

Warning: Do  not touch the heating surface, prevent injury