Foldable Mattress - 26' x 38' Lion



Foldable Mattress - 26' x 38' Lion

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  • (+/-) 26 x 38 x 2 Inches
  • (+/-) 66 x 96 x 5cm
  • Ideal to bring along for going away on holiday, or stay over.
  • Specifically designed on one side with breathable mesh texture, the foldable mattress is an essential addition to the often basic and comfortable base of a playpen, camping or playroom.
  • The handy foldable design mattress come with a travel bag which is perfect for travelling, carrying or storing. 
  • Complies with the EN SAFETY STANDARD 16890

iBreathe™ Technology

  • Micro Cool Fabric: Keeps the contact area cool and fresh always
  • Air Ventilation: Ventilates trapped heat away and allows cool air to enter with its unique honeycomb structure
  • Cushiony: Extremely soft and cushiony for maximum comfort and support

It is specially designed for young infants. With the unique breathable mesh covering and soft padded materials, it allows good ventilation throughout and maximizes airflow, keeping infants cool & comfortable during sleep.

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