Chois™ Baby Nappy Liner (2 box)



Chois™ Baby Nappy Liner (2 box)

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  • 100 sheets x 2 - PP Non-Woven
  • Allows FAST penetration of urine
  • Retains solid particles for EASY cleaning
  • PREVENTS urine from flowing back to baby
  • Keeps baby ultra DRY and COMFY

Chois Baby Nappy Liner is designed specially to solve all your cloth nappy-changing troubles! The nappy liner speeds up the absorption of moisture and prevents any backflow, forming a soft and dry layer that protects your baby’s extremely delicate skin. The thin liner adds NO bulk to the cloth nappy - your baby won’t even feel it!

Cloth Nappy changing has never been this easy The nappy liner keeps the cloth nappy surface cleaner, minimizing mess and accidental soiling of clothes! Use it and throw it, along with any solid particles! It is ready to use in precut sheets that fit nicely onto most cloth nappy. All you need to do is to take it out and place it on the cloth nappy - it’s as simple as that! Our special “pull-out” box also makes easy one-hand access!