Anti Bacterial™ Disposable Breast Pads



Anti Bacterial™ Disposable Breast Pads

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“An intimate choice for breast-feeding and bottle-feeding mothers”

  • 36pcs x 3

The Four Layer Construction

  1. Ultra soft anti-bacterial non-woven fabric top layer guarantee comfort
  2. Absorbent liner draws moisture away for comfort
  3. Absorbent core absorb milk leakage up to 80ml
  4. Ultra water-proof layer
  5. Adhesive tape keep pads firmly in place when worn

Natal Sense Anti-Bacterial Disposable Breast Pads offer maximum protection during the delicate period of breastfeeding. The special anti-bacterial fabric prevents the proliferation of bacteria inside the cup, while providing an appropriate mechanical barrier for protecting the breast. Keeps the breast in a hygienic condition and help in the healing process if breast becomes sore during the breast feeding period. The super absorbent micro pearls in the Anti-Bacterial Disposable Breast Pads retain lots of liquid and prevent it from seeping out to the surface; this will always keep the skin dry. The anti-bacterial molecule is not transmitted directly to the skin of the breast and therefore does not come in contact with the mouth of the baby when they are breastfeeding. The external breathable layer allows the nipple and skin to breathe thus this prevents irritations. Furthermore, the extra thin layer of each material makes the Anti-Bacterial Disposable Breast Pads invisible under clothes. The practical adhesive strip and the anatomical shape keep the Anti-Bacterial Disposable Breast Pads firmly in place when worn.