Seyftee™ Isofix High Back Booster Seat



Seyftee™ Isofix High Back Booster Seat

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"Provides a secure connection to your vehicle seat"

  • Side protection - Distributes crah forces, shields from vehicle intrusion and contains the head, neck and body
  • Comfort/Supreme body cushion - Provide maximum comfort support, keeps the contact area cool and ventilated
  • System belt - Tigten the harness by joing the belt together to the system, until a click is heard.
  • Adjustable headrest position to suit your child grow
  • Removable padded seat that is easy to wash
  • ISOFIX Secure connection keeps booster seat properly in place just a second - Keeps booster steady for easy self-buckling for your independent child

  • Suitable from 15-36kgs
  • Weight: 7kgs

It is designed to keep your little traveller secure, safe and comfortable. It is an affordable choice so it's perfectly practical for you too. The engineered lightweight / portable feature makes it easy to move between vehicles/travel. The booster seat has been designed with a wide seat and arm rests for your child's comfort and will ensure they are sitting at the correct height for the adult seat belt - Let your child see out of the car to help prevent travel sickness. The extra comfort memory sponge gives your child the greatest support on the go! Special ventilation fabric makes it cool during a hot weather and it is removable, hand-washable cover for your convenience.

With the height of 1.35m set as a guideline for passengers to use a child restraint or car booster seat, the criteria for “when” to switch to a booster seat is no longer based on your child’s age, but his height Most child car seats can take children up to an average of three years old, with a weight limit set by individual manufacturers and models. It is important for parents to note the specifications and limitations of their respective child car seat. If your child has outgrown the child car seat, it’s time to look out for a suitable booster seat for him to sit nicely, and have the seat belt strapped across his body appropriately. In fact, the Traffic Police states that “all persons travelling in vehicles, irrespective of their age, should be appropriately belted up. Adults below the height of 1.35m shall use booster seats or approved adjustable seat belts to lower the risk of injury in the event of an accident.”