Go Pouch™ Baby Carrier - Blue/Safari



Go Pouch™ Baby Carrier - Blue/Safari

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"The revolutionary carrier is designed to support your baby in an ergonomic vary position"

  • Quality material provide extra comfort
  • Adjustable padded shoulder straps and waist belt provide better support
  • Large storage pocket for detachable hood when not in use or other accessories
  • Adjustable hood for better support during nap time (Machine Washable)
  • Mesh opening allow excellent air ventilation
  • Slim storage pocket at front waist straps for towel / wipes
  • Travel bag
  • 3 ways carrier: Front, Back and Hip position
    • FRONT: 0 - 24 month
    • BACK: 6 - 48 month
    • HIP: 6 - 48 month

From the moment your baby is born, there is nothing you will enjoy more than holding your baby close to you. And babies love to hear the sound of your heartbeat and feel your warmth. We designed our carrier to hold and cradle your baby just the way you will, with your baby’s legs properly supported in an ergonomic natural position. The padded waist belt ensures that your baby's weight is evenly distributed between your hips and shoulders while the adjustable, the cushioned padded shoulder straps provide you with ultimate comfort. The perfect choice as you go on your everyday adventures.

The carrier can be worn in the front, back or hip position, supports babies between 12lb(5.5kg) and 45lb(20kg)

The carrier has evolved to be more comfortable than ever. Made of soft, and durable cotton canvas, with high-density padding and adjustable straps, the carrier provides a perfect fit for parent and baby. As with all carriers, this keeps baby safe, close and comfortable while giving you freedom of movement.