Baby Wrap Carrier



Baby Wrap Carrier

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Lictin Baby Wrap Carrier, made of cotton fabric, soft and comfortable, keep your baby safe and pleasant. The newborn carrier which provides excellent support for your baby.

  • Practical, safe, versatile and easy to use; Sturdy fabric holds your baby safely and securely.
  • Allow your hands to be free: free your hands with this baby carrier; wash dishes, go for walks, go shopping or walk your dog while quieting a restless baby.
  • Enhance the bond with babies who all love being close to mommy; Stay close to mom's heart, a baby can hear your heart beating and feel the warmth from your body in the baby carrier where he can feel peace of mind.
  • Say goodbye to shoulder pain and back strain; The baby wrap carrier surrounds you and your baby’s spine, making it easy to counteract the baby’s weight with your back; No longer get tired or get any sore muscles.
  • Convenient Breastfeeding: With the baby near your chest, breastfeeding can be both convenient and private.