Safety™ Essential Kit



Safety™ Essential Kit

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  1. Glass Corner Cushion (2pcs)
    • The Glass Corner Cushions are big & extra soft to help prevent serious injury. Ideal for the sharp corners of tables, shelves, even fish tanks & other corners throughout your home.Before applying corner cushion, clean the corner surface. Make sure it is free of furniture polish, dut or wax build up that might prevent the corner guards from adhering properly.

  2. Anti Slam Door Stopper
    • The Anti-Slam Door Stopper helps prevent painful and serious finger injuries.It also helps prevent children from accidentally locking themselves into a room. Ideal for use on every door in your home or while travelling.

  3. Outlet Plug (2pcs)
    • The Outlet plugs are a feasible option for outlets that are unused. You simply stick these plastic items to safety block access to the empty outlet. This prevents children from being able to touch the outlet or stick things in the holes. The plus to this safety outlet cover product is that it is easy to install, and can be used with both standard and designer style outlets. The drawback, though, is that many children figure out how to remove the plugs, so if you use this product instead of a regular electrical outlet cover, you need to be aware that this danger exists.
  4. High quality - Durable
  5. Safe effective - Easy guard