Motorola® Care+ Non-Contact Forehead & Liquid Baby Thermometer



Motorola® Care+ Non-Contact Forehead & Liquid Baby Thermometer

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A digital thermometer is a household health staple. However, the problem with ordinary thermometers is that they can take a long time to display a readout. Most also need to be stuck under the armpit or into your ears, which can be uncomfortable and unhygienic. What you need is a non-contact digital thermometer that delivers accurate and instant readings.

  • Aside from measuring body temperature, this digital thermometer may also be used to take the temperature of food and liquid. This digital thermometer also lets you save upto 30 different temperature readings at one time, making it easy to track the course of a fever.

  • Practice good hygiene while using this digital thermometer. The thermometer measures food, liquid, or body temperature without needing contact. Just hover it within 1 inch of the target surface to get a quick temperature readout.

  • Stay notified and instantly updated. This digital thermometer is fitted with an LED light that lights up red if it takes a high temperature reading. The LED light lights up green if the taken temperature reading is within normal range.

  • There’s no need for vigorous thermometer shaking or waiting for several minutes just to get a reading. This portable digital thermometer is designed to get a temperature readout in just one second with an accuracy of +/-0.2C / 0.4F.

  • To save battery life, this digital thermometer is designed to automatically turn off after use. The temperature readoutis displayed on a large, backlit LCD screen, allowing you to easily take temperature measurements even in a dark or dimly lit room.

  • Taking your sleeping baby’s body temperature is easier said than done –especially if you are using a regular digital thermometer. This thermometer has a Night-time Mode, which mutes the thermometer’s beeping sounds –ensuring that your baby’s sleep does not get disrupted.

  • Body Temperature measuring range: 34°C to 43°C (93.2°F to 109.4°F)

  • Object mode measuring range: 0°C to 100°C (32°F to 212°F)

  • Accuracy of body temperature: ± 0.2°C (0.4°F) for the range 34.0°C to 43°C (93.2°F to 109.4°F)

  • Max measuring distance up to 1 inch (approx. 3cm)

  • °C / °F unit switchable

  • Store last 30 temperature readings

  • Auto power off

  • FDA and CE Medical Certified