Colourful Bug 2 In 1 Moses Basket



Colourful Bug 2 In 1 Moses Basket

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Colourful Bug 2 in 1 Moses Basket W Toys Pillow and Blanket is an innovative product that is both a bed and a play basket at the same time. It is extremely portable, making it easy to carry around. The bed is made of extremely durable material, made with the intention of safeguarding the baby’s safety. Toys are attached at the roof of the basket to keep your baby stimulated and encourage play. A must have for many mums! It is the only PORTABLE bed u can carry around!

  • Full mosquito net surrounding the bed to protect your baby from unwanted insect bites
  • Able to support a baby’s weight of up to 6.8kg or until they can roll over
  • Intriguing toys attached at the top to interest your child
  • Made out of quality material to ensure comfort and safety for your baby Price