UV 360° Mosquito/Bug/Insect Killer Lamp - Round



UV 360° Mosquito/Bug/Insect Killer Lamp - Round

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1.    Designed to trap mosquito – UV light wave at 365nm lures.
2.    The vortex supercharging airflow system to trap mosquitoes & being suck to the bottom – Eventually dried to death (Ventilation Vent).
3.    Heat biomimetic – Trap Mosquito
4.    It is friendly towards pregnant women and infants - No medication, no concerns
5.    Low power consumption and low noise - Placed in the office or room, so that you do not need to be disturbed by mosquitoes anymore. The compact design allows you to carry easily, and essential in summer travel essentials
6.    This product uses light to attract mosquitoes. No mosquito bag is needed, but it is recommended to place it in a dark place or a low light source.
7.    Integrated seamless design, mosquitoes nowhere to escape!
8.    Pure physical mosquito killer makes mosquito kill more easily
9.    USB power supply, unlimited mosquito prevention, essential for outdoor camping small footprint.
10.    Please pay special attention to the fact that no mosquito trap can catch 100% of mosquitoes completely, even chemical spray can't kill them all, it can only reduce and reduce the number of mosquitoes.
11.    It is not recommended to have a light source when the mosquito killer is in normal use, because mosquitoes will prefer the body temperature of the human body compared to the light source. Turn on the mosquito trap and close the door 3-4 hours before going to bed. Would be more effective
12.    60m2 coverage
13.    As it is a USB connected, you could choose to buy an optional adaptor in order to plug in to your wall power – If not you could connect them to your computer, power bank & anywhere which is USB compatible. 

Product Size: 15 x 10cm
Rated Power: 5W
Voltage: 5V

Rated Frequency: 50HZ