Discovery Pals™ Smartee™ 8 Pages Cloth Book - (Animal)



Discovery Pals™ Smartee™ 8 Pages Cloth Book - (Animal)

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"“The perfect first step into the wonderful world of books”"

  • Ultimate contrasting colour that catach attention
  • Explore textures with no worry - Soft & safe

A brilliant cloth book from Lucky Baby® Discovery Pals™ series, very young babies will love snuggling up with this soft, padded cloth book with a crinkle noise on every page and link loop! The book helps stimulating their growing minds and active senses in the developmental steps from birth - Perfect as a very first book for your precious. It's never too early to start reading with your child. Cuddling up with a book can be a special time. Vary the intonation of your speech to excite your baby. Comes with a multi function ‘C’ link whereby you can hook your baby‘s favorite anywhere he/she goes! Hook them onto strollers, baby carriers, baby cots and many more places!