Discovery Pals™ Smartee™ Cloth Book - (Animal)



Discovery Pals™ Smartee™ Cloth Book - (Animal)

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"Help baby learn about her world with educational books showing from everyday life"

  • 16cm
  • Ultimate contrasting colour that catch attention
  • Explore textures with no worry - Soft & safe

A brilliant cloth book from Lucky Baby® Discovery Pals™ series, very young babies will love snuggling up with this soft, padded cloth book  with the crinkle and squeaker sound improve baby's audio recognition and motor skills, textured material provide sensory interaction! The book helps stimulating their growing minds and active senses in the developmental steps from birth - Perfect as a very first book for your precious. It's never too early to start reading with your child. Cuddling up with a book can be a special time. Vary the intonation of your speech to excite your baby. These cloth books are made by BPA-free Polyester, feature washable, no sharp edges, non-toxic, skin-friendly and safe for babies. Also soft fabric surface is comfortable for little hands to grip. Comes with a multi function ‘C’ link whereby you can hook your baby‘s favorite anywhere he/she goes! Hook them onto strollers, baby carriers, baby cots and many more places!


*Complies with EUROPEAN STANDARD EN71*