Sunny Shield™ Sun Shade Clip On - Rectangle



Sunny Shield™ Sun Shade Clip On - Rectangle

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"Designed to protect your child  against harmful UV rays"

  • 33.5 x 29.5cm
  • Attachable in multi ways: Stroller, buggy, jogger, carseat, booster, baby carrier & many more...
  • Strong clip: Open up to a maximum jaw width of 2 inches, it clips tightly and firmly to any surface
  • Flexible edge: Twist for easy and compact storage
  • Flexible rotating neck: Adjustable in any angle and direction - Protect shine, prevent eye irritation
  • UV checker: Turn to purple when UV is too strong

Sunny Shield™ Sun Shade Clip On is an attachment is a small version compare to other stroller sunshade attachment which easily atttached to any canopied stroller, jogger, carriage or carseat and is made from specially woven breatheable fabric, providing protection from the sun rays and full air circulation.

The sun shade attachment provides protection and complete visibility for your infants and toddlers. The shade attachment provides shelter in both sunny and overcast conditions and reduce glare on sensitive young eyes.

The shade can be left attached to the stroller or fold away easily for storage.

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