Petit Play™ Pull String Pals - Ember Elephant



Petit Play™ Pull String Pals - Ember Elephant

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"Soft plush with interactive entertainment for added sensory input"

  • Encourages visual and audio Stimulation
  • Jaw opening up to width of 2 inch
  • Textured teether - perfect for soothing baby's sore gum when teething
  • With rattling sounds to entertain and explore
  • PULL for “Lullaby” in soft tones Musical / Huggable

We are proud to introduce our Petit-Play™ series Pull String Pals! This pull string musical pal combines huggable, soft plush with interactive entertainment for added sensory input. Gently pull the musical pal to hear “Lullaby” in soft tones that will help baby drift off to sleep. Your child’s safety is our top concern, so all Lucky Baby® Petit-Play™ Pull String Pals feature embroidered details. The clip on hook for easy hanging from cribs, strollers, and more! Lucky Baby® has been a premier plush company recognized for quality innovative products. Building upon our beloved plush designs, we continue to practice innovation - constantly developing new original designs. Our plush toys is constructed from premium materials for unparalleled softness and huggability.

  • Enhance baby's motor skill
    • Baby’s sense of sight and touch are stimulated when they play with the rattle toy. Bright colours and distinct shape attracts baby’s eyes and they eventually stimulate the brain to remember these colours when they see it the next time and again. Sense of touch is also stimulated when baby touches the teether with his/her mouth and skin. He/She can slowly differentiate different textures and material over time.
  • Enhance baby's senses stimulation
    • With each contact with the rattle toy, baby moves his/her body forward to reach out to get it. He/She use his/her hands to pick up and hold the toy tightly. Every contact with the rattle toy works the motor skills of the baby, which involves almost all parts of the body.

*Complies with EUROPEAN STANDARD EN71*