Grandioz™ Baby Food And Bottle Warmer



Grandioz™ Baby Food And Bottle Warmer

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Grandioz Baby Food & Bottle Warmer is a smart, light-weight and compact equipment any parents should have! Heats baby milk and food warm to the perfect temperature! Simply put bottle or baby food in the warmer and on switch to either milk or baby food. Once they reach the desired temperature, a buzzer will sound, signifying that the food is ready for baby’s consumption! Light indicator at the bottom shows heating status. Comes with a removable lifter to prevent unnecessary scalds.

  • In-Built Alarm Buzzer -  For precise heating duration / Alerts you when the food is warmed and ready!
  • 2 Position Switch for heating milk and baby food
  • Light Indicator - Clearly shows whether milk or baby food is heating
    • Green: Heating in process / Red: Heating Complete
  • Removable Lifter to lift up shallow containers
  • Special PCB Control keeps milk at distinct drinking temperature
  • Fits all types of Milk Bottles