Jazzy™ 6 Bottles Steam Sterilizer



Jazzy™ 6 Bottles Steam Sterilizer

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Jazzy 8 Bottle Steam Sterilizer is all you need to get rid of all the stubborn milk stains and harmful bacteria that is accumulated in milk bottles. After your baby drinks the milk from the bottle, there are milk stains and bacteria that cannot be seen from the naked eye left on the bottle itself. Water and soap alone are not effective in getting rid of them. But after steam-sterilizing the bottles and accessories, the stains and other harmful bacteria are removed thoroughly! Your baby is now less-prone to be harmed by bacteria and germs. The auto shut off feature is safe and allows more time for mothers to multi-task while sterilizing the bottles. Sterilize 6 wide / 8 standard neck milk bottles at a go! The light-indicator clearly shows heating status.

  • Suitable for all types of Milk Bottles
  • Fits 6 Wide/ 8 Standard Neck milk bottles
  • Shuts off automatically!
  • Light Indicator clearly states heating status
  • Sterilize thoroughly to prevent bacteria from building up
  • 15 minutes sterilization with approx. 100ml water