Activity Toys - Rainbow



Activity Toys - Rainbow

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This smilely Rainbow is a lovely hedgehog which is made from soft and premium fabric, with varied textures, colour and material that are so soft to the touch. All the activities were specially designed to develop baby's senses while entertaining him: His vision is stimulated by vibrant colour, teethers soothes his sensitive gums, and baby reacts to the sound of rattle or grab the ribbon and series of elements made for small baby hands to develop fine motor skills. This very handy, easy to carry toy is easy to attach onto a stroller, playpen or carseat using the ring.

What toys are good for newborns?

  • Infants have poor detailed vision compared to adults, therefore high contrast colours and gross feaures can be better preceived by newborn.
  • Lullabies have a proved track record for soothing infants and ease sleep.

What do 3 months and up babies enjoy most?

  • By 3 months old, babies are able to hold and reach for objects. They like to grasp and put things to their mouths. Therefore, make sure the toys are safe for chewing. WIth more developed cognitive skills, babies are more communicative and love to look around and explore.

What toys are suitable for babies aged 6 months and up?

  • Babies of 6 months and up are ready to play all the time. Their favorite activities are grasping things and exploring textures, taste, sights and sounds. Crawling all over places also starts at this age. Toys have to be fun and let babies learn important developmental skills.