The Blessed Forest™ Straw Water Bottle/Snack



The Blessed Forest™ Straw Water Bottle/Snack

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  • Can be worn in the front or on your side, 1cm width is very comfortable to carry water in while it is on your shoulder. Perfect for daily walking, biking, hiking, school and outdoor. The options are endless…


  • It comes with an innovative, leakproof, flip straw lid that allows for easy one-handed drinking. Straw allows toddlers to self regulate the flow of liquid. The suction used to drink also mimics breast feeding or bottle feeding so transitioning from bottle to sippy is a breeze.


  • Consist of lightweight high quality, unbreakable plastic. Yet withstands heavy usage and falls. Clear plastic allows to see contents level. Protective spout cover keeps out gross dirt and germs
  • Screw on bottom to fit snacks, perfect to carry on the go.

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Capacity: 400ml

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