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i-Breathe® Airee™ 3D Mesh Stroller Pad


i Breathe™ Technology

  • Micro Cool Fabric: Keeps the contact area cool and fresh always.
  • Air Ventilation: Ventilates trapped heat away and allows cool air to enter with its unique honeycomb structure.
  • Cushiony: Extremely soft and Cushiony for maximum comfort and support.

Airee 3D Mesh Stroller Cushion is an essential breathable seat liner for your child’s comfortable riding experience. Its 3D-Mesh construction is breathable, wicks away moisture and provides excellent air circulation keeping the seat cool during summer. Dual side construction composed of 3D-Mesh for circulates air more effectively. Suitable to be used on small to large strollers, car seats and high-chairs. Its premium soft and extra comfortable material is highly durable, light-weight and easy to handle. Seat belt insert Velcro for easy installation for added security. It is sure to make your baby’s day trip in the stroller a much more enjoyable one.

  • Maximizes air flow with breathable mesh
  • Ultra Soft and Cushiony Touch – For maximum support and comfort
  • Harness Slot – Easy attachment and added security
  • Machine Washable – Maintain hygienic
  • Velcro – Easy installation for harness
  • Dual Side – Reversible usage for more effective air circulation
  • Strongly recommended for hot and humid countries.
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