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SupreComfort® Best Friends™ Head Snuggler


Best Friend Head Snuggler™ support infant’s delicate head and neck that is prone to injuries caused by in sufficient support. The Satisfyingly Cushy Soft cushion roll provides ample soft support for neck and head to reduce disconfortness, leaving your baby secured and happy. Use the snugglers to achieve the prefect fit and comfort. Belt slots allow safety belts in car seat, high chair and also stroller to attach easily for added security. Ideal to be used on baby strollers, baby cribs, bouncers, carseat, in fact anywhere where extra cushy supports are essential! 100% Machine Washable.

  • Adjustable Belt Slot – Easy attachment for safety belt with snap button fastening, added security!
  • Ultra Soft and Cushiony Touch – For maximum support and comfort!
  • Full body cushioning and coverage


SKU: 141502.

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