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Lucky Baby® Champee™ 3 In 1 High Chair

$119.00 $89.90

The Champee™ 3-in-1 high chair transforms from Highchair, to booster seat, to youth stool. For infants, it serves as a comfortable highchair, featuring a removable double tray & 5 point safety harness. It can also transform into a booster seat, freeing the youth stool for use by an older child. The stool allows kids up to 15kgs to sit at the table with the rest of the family and allows you to accommodate two children at once: the older child on the stool, and the younger one on the booster. It features a sturdy frame which is easy-to clean. It accommodates children from 6 months to 15kgs in highchair – booster – stool.

Safety Standard: EN14988 / EN16120 / ASTM F404 / ASTM F2604

SKU: 500712.

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