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Lucky Baby® Contour™ Disposable NIGHT Breast Pad (20pcs)


The contour disposable breast pads work well on well recognised medical principle that gentle, even pressure on the nipple temporarily stops milk leakage. It is worn inside the bra to absorb and prevent leakage hand free. This not only ensures that the clothes stay dry, nut also keeps the breast dry at all time thus reducing the risk of infection.

What is Milk Leakage?

  • Breast Milk Leakage (BML) is the involuntary release of breast milk from the nipple, inresponse to a reflex in the lactating mother known as “let down”. Breast milk leakage can occur throughout your pregnancy or soon after the birth of your baby.

Who is most likely to have BML?

  • Whether you choose to breast feed or bottle feed your baby, breast milk leakage can be a problem. Studies have shown that over 90% of first time mother experience BML to different degree. Over 85% leak heavily enough to soak their clothing.

But now with the this breast pads, an effective product that prevents BML, you can go about your day worry free and helps you discover the joys of motherhood.

  1. Super Extra fast absorbent which prevent leakage on clothes
  2. Thin & discreet which hides well under clothing
  3. Cottony soft lining protects against sore nipple
  4. With non slip adhesive tape that prevent pad from slipping away
SKU: 313121.

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