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SupreComfort® Go Snuggle™ Infant Wrap A Round


Babies needs lots of cuddles and hugs to keep them feeling safe, secured and loved, especially just after birth! This can be achieved with the Go Snuggly Infant Wrap Around   ! It is specially designed to cuddle the infant in the most simple and comfortable way! Left and right flaps acts like parent’s arms, hugging the baby tightly, keeping them soothed and comforted. Parents can adjust the flaps according to the growing baby’s needs to get the perfect fit. The leg cuddle keeps baby’s legs and feet nicely snuggled in place. This is also useful in preventing baby from kicking the wrap around away. Quick and convenient fasteners allow easy & adjustable fastening. Suitable for use on carseats and stroller with the harness-slit. Made of finest quality knitted fabric provides maximum coolness and comfort.

  • Contour Leg Cuddler – Keep little legs aug in place. Allow quick diaper checks and changing without having to unwrap the flaps
  • Easy Fastening –  Quick and convenient without interruption
  • Machine Washable – Maintain Hygienic
SKU: 142509P.

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