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Lucky Baby® Mini Laser™ Safety Clip On Fan

$10.90 $7.90

Mini Laser Clip On Fan keeps you little darlings cool and happy on a sunny day! This little helpfuly fan is perfect for that little need of coolness. The blades are made of soft foam that does not hurt children’s curious fingers when they touch them. Flexible neck blows in any direction and angle! Strong clip with a maximum jaw width of 2 inches clips on tightly on any bars on baby cots, playpens, stroller and even playgym! It also fasinates child with its LED that emits laser light while spinning!

Batteries Required: 2 pcs AA (UM-3) Batteries — Not Included

  • Emits laser light that forms 64 fascinating light patterns when the blades spin
  • Strong clip that open up to a maximum jaw width of 2 inches, it clips tightly and firmly to any surface
  • Bigger designer soft blades that doest not hurt child’s fingers when they touch them while having strong wind.
  • Twist the neck to adjust to any angles. Wherever the baby lies, the fan is able to keep him/her cool and comfortable all day long!
SKU: 608999.

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