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Lucky Baby® Pappy-Ducky™ The Temperature Master


It is the ideal bathtime playmate all parents will get for their precious little ones! When the bath water is too hot, the indicator on Pappy-Ducky’s body immediately turns from blue to red colour to warn parents. The mischievous Pappy-Ducky enjoys a good swim in the tub and keeps the baby busy in the bath.

  •  Direction:
    • After filling the bath tub with water, place Pappy-Ducky into the water and look out for signs of colour change on the indicator print. If indicator turns from blue to red colour, water is too hot for baby’s usage. Add cold water or allow the warm water to cool down before repeating the above procedures. If indicator no longer turns red, the water temperature is just nice for the baby. Now the water is suitable for baby to bathe in!

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