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Lucky Baby® Peppy™ Bouncer

$69.90 $39.90

In the Peppy™ Baby Bouncer , your child’s movements are transformed into a fun and soothing bouncy motion. It is a wonderful way to keep your baby entertained and comfortable, while giving you some time to yourself! This special bouncer has a vibration feature and a music box which plays delightful melodies when turned on, keeping your baby amused at all times. Just by exploring the bouncer, your baby will be developing his sense of sound, sight and motion! The gentle movements and sounds will soothe your baby with its familiar repetition and is perfect for taking short naps in! With a three-point harness, thick padding and a sturdy non-skid base, you can be assured of the safety and comfort of your precious one. The lightweight frame also means that you can easily bring it along wherever you go, making it the best hangout for your baby!

  1. Develop motor skills and balance: The clam and natural rocking from the bouncer refines the child’s motor skills and balance.
  2. Fun for your child: The child’s own movement makes the bouncer bounce. Additionally comes with musical box and vibration to soothes or entertains baby.
  3. Proper back and head support: It has an ergonomic design with a molded seat that distributes baby’s weight evenly.
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