Simplee™ Milkee PP Wide Neck Bottle (240ml)



Simplee™ Milkee PP Wide Neck Bottle (240ml)

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  • 9oz / 240ml
  • With Cross Cut Nipple 0M+

Breast milk is the best source of nutrition for your baby, especially during the baby's first year. The amount of time spent on breast feeding also strengthens the bonding between mother and baby. However, it isn't always possible for mothers to breast feed for as long as they would like to largely cause by work commitments.

The natural shape of the Simplee™ Milkee Silicone Cross Cut Nipple replicate the natural contour of the mother’s breast to encourage the sense of natural feeding. The shape of the Simplee™ Milkee PP Wide Neck Bottle was designed to make it easy for mothers to hold and feed the baby. The wide neck opening makes preparation of formula milk for the baby simple and effortless. Made of high quality durable polypropylene(PP) material which is BPA-Free.


  • Encourage the sense of natural feeding
  • Hole Size According to Baby’s Development - An adequate amount of milk will be release
  • Fit Perfectly In Sucking Fossa - Tip of the nipple is of perfect shape
  • Inner Lines - Strengthen the structure of the nipples
  • Natural Contour Shape - Makes transition from breast to bottle feeding
  • Matt Surface Reduces Stickiness - Prevent baby’s lips from slipping
  • Unique Skirt - Allow air into the bottle, prevent vacuum build


  • Water Proof Guard - Prevent leakage of liquid from the teat
  • Patented Design - Design with the inspire of dots element
  • Soft Silicone Teat - Replicate natural contour of mother’s breast
  • Protective Wall - Linger average temperature
  • Perfectly Contoured - To be easy and comfortable to hold

*Complies with EUROPEAN STANDARD EN14350*